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We are Home Studio – remodel specialists who partner with Omega Construction – together we bring you 45 years of community support and experience!

New Kitchen Recipe

Recipes are topography, outlining the structure and features of a particular plan. In this post, we will outline the Recipe for a New Kitchen Renovation.

Women In Construction

The first week of March celebrates Women in Construction each year. The 2023 theme, ‘Many Paths, One Mission’, celebrates the different journeys women have taken toward the same goal: strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the construction industry.

Notes on Designing for LOVE

Since February is the month to celebrate love, we decided to explore the relationship between music and design. If you are ready to elevate the romance factor in your home by introducing more coziness, setting a mood or a general feeling of comfort throughout your space, read on.

Remodeling The Cottage

The perfect time to sit down with one of our talented interior designers and sketch a vision for your staycation abode is now, while the snow is blowing, and the frozen lake resembles glass.


Call it shameless self-promotion or just plain bragging, but we’d like to take a moment to PRAISE our craftsmen. Not only do we appreciate the excellent work this team of carpenters produces – they are also wonderful people to work with every day.

A Sneak Peek

Follow along as we pull back the curtain on the preparations of our booth…  

Home For The Holidays

For our December blog post, we thought we would share some holiday thoughts as you prepare for your upcoming festivities; we wish to invite you to unwind, if only for a few precious minutes, and consider all there is to be grateful for.

Phases of a Remodel

Identify. Invest. Remove. Restore. Walkthrough. These five words sit between you and the dreams of a well-thought-out, smooth operating, home remodel. Let’s explore the phases of a home remodel. The

Fase St. – A New Home Development In Ada, Michigan

Fase St. Crossings will offer four elevations and three house designs to consider: The Robinson, The Bradfield, and The Kendall. Great care went into selecting these names; a gesture to honor both the geography and history of the area.